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Faux wood Faux wood

Horizontal Faux Wood blinds are currently the most popular choice in window covering. Horizontal Blinds are categorized as a paint color or a stain color. The Majority of Homeowners tend to pick a White to match their trim. Faux Wood blinds are made from PVC, highly durable, easily cleanable and most come with a lifetime warranty.The slats can be textured or smooth. They look like real wood and you can hardly tell the difference. There is another type of Faux made from Composite, it has a mixture of wood and PVC, the cost of these usually equates to real wood. Many companies offer an Express Line in which the Fabricator buys in bulk and passes the savings on to the consumer, but these will be limited in color and size restrictions, also option restrictions. The premium faux's will have a print design to simulate real wood grains and  stain colors. A UV protective coating (Titanium Oxide) is applied to the slats to resist sun, preventing fading and warping, it is rated in hours, some less expensive varieties do not even use this coating where some fabricators have several coats. 

Wood Wood

Wood Blinds are made of BassWood (most common), Poplar and genuine hardwoods such as Oak, Cherry, Pine and Bamboo. Ramin is an Asian wood used in inexpensive Blinds and tends to have poor quality. Wood should not be used in high humidity areas.

Blinds 101

Options for Horizontal Blinds;

SLATS - 2 ' width are the most common, 1' and 2 1/2' are available. The 2 1/2' are referred to as Shutter Blinds because the visibility is less restricted. S shaped  for contour, curved on one end for privacy.

ROUTELESS (no holes) -for about 10 -15 dollars more you can eliminate the holes that the cords run through.

DECORATIVE CLOTH TAPES - used to accent and hide the ladder cords used to hold the slats in place.

WANDS - The industry is trying to get away from these because of the tension applied to mechanism causes premature malfunctions.

VALANCES - A 2' plain valance is standard in less expensive brands, All of Tri County Blinds will have a 3 1/2 Crown valance at no extra charge.

Customer Recommendations - Most Homeowners are on a budget and buy the Builders Express line of  Faux Wood Blinds,However if you want to accent with real wood and are particular about your preferences, Tri County Blinds can accommodate your needs.

Prices will start around 75.00 for Faux and 40.00 to 50.00 higher for wood for an average size window.

Tri County Blinds offers Great Service, Low Prices,  and Quality Products.

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